Immigration & Visas

If you are classed as an ‘International' student for fees purposes you will require a Points-Based System Tier 4 Student Visa to enter and study in the UK.

If you are classed as an ‘International' student for fees purposes you will require a Points-Based System Tier 4 Student Visa to enter and study in the UK.

Students who possess an EU passport or are currently in the UK on another immigration category which lasts for the entire duration of their course would not need a student visa. All other international students will not be able to enrol on a course unless they have secured their student visa.

UK Visa and Immigration regulations have tightened the procedures for allowing international students to study in the UK. In order to be granted a student visa, you must have a specific individual 'Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies' (CAS) issued to you by a recognised UK educational institution confirming that you have been accepted to enrol on a course of study at that institution. Upon accepting an offer you will be sent your CAS along with other information to help you in applying for your student visa. Under the new points-based immigration system, along with this CAS, you will also need to prove to that you will have enough funds to cover your full tuition fees and your living costs for at least the first eight months of your study.

Central’s International Students’ Visa Guide outlines the key points in the visa application process.

Arrival Process

All visa students will need to collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card when you arrive in the UK. This must be done within 10 days or arriving in the UK. You can collect your BRP card at a branch of the Post Office. Your visa decision letter will include the address of the Post Office at which you must collect your BRP card. Your BRP card contains your full visa information so you must collect this promptly to ensure that you are able to legally stay in the UK. If you do not collect your BRP card you may be required to leave the UK and this may affect your ability to re-enter the UK at a later date.

Some visa students will also be required to register with the police at the Overseas Visitor Records Office in London. When you receive your visa you will be instructed if you need to do this. Ring their recorded answer phone service for precise details. This needs to be done within seven days of your arrival in the UK. Keep a note of your Registration Number, and its date and place of issue, in case you lose the certificate. Although you need to carry this certificate at all times, you do not need to carry your passport. If you move address later, you can go to your local police station to amend your details.

Generally speaking, this is all routine. However, the important point to remember is to get the right things done at the right time, and by the right date! If you are registered with the police, you must let them know of changes of address or contact information.

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