Free Auditions

We have Free Auditions available to eligible applicants.

Central offers free auditions

We offer free auditions for a large number of applicants in order to ensure as many people as possible are able to audition for our BA (Hons) Acting programme.

There are 4 main ways in which we offer free auditions to applicants to ensure maximum access to our training; in 2018/19, we awarded over 1,200 free audition vouchers which enabled more applicants to attend auditions and access specialist drama training.

If any of the following apply, you will be eligible for a free audition:

  • When you apply, we use your home postcode listed on your UCAS application and assess this against government data, which indicates areas where there are significant barriers to social mobility. Rather than focusing on income alone, we look at a range of factors to benefit an increased number of prospective students. We do all of this for you, so there is no need to provide us with any additional materials, although you can check whether you would qualify for a free audition by entering your home postcode. If your home postcode is listed as a number 1 or 2 in any of the following three columns, you will be eligible for a free audition:
    • Income (column H);
    • Education and Skills (column N);
    • IDACI: Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (column X).
  • We provide free auditions to all students who engage on our outreach activity programme. Central works with a large number of schools, colleges and arts organisations to increase access to higher education, providing talks, workshops, tickets to Central shows and more.
  • If you are based in England and one or more of the below criteria applies to you, you can also email to claim a free audition:
    • Your household income is under £25,000 per year
    • You have a registered Disability
    • You are Care Experienced (Care Leaver/in the care of your Local Authority)
    • You have Caring Responsibilities (Young Carer/ Carer)

Applicants who are part of the Open Door initiative automatically receive a free audition at Central, as well as 6 other leading UK drama schools. Open Door provides participants with an excellent support package to prepare and support them in applying and auditioning for drama school training. More information is available at

What to do now

In order to be considered for the BA (Hons) Acting programme at Central you will need to submit an application (through UCAS) following the general guidance for undergraduate applicants. We are only able to offer free auditions to candidates who apply before the 15 January UCAS application deadline. If you are eligible for a free audition, the process will be explained in the email inviting you to audition.

Applicants who have been awarded a free audition through Central’s outreach work in previous years will still be eligible for a further free audition, and our outreach work will continue alongside this scheme.

Interviews for BA (Hons) Contemporary Performance Practice and BA (Hons) Theatre Practice are free of charge.

Please note – we cannot offer refunds through Eventbrite.  If you think you qualify for a free audition, please email before you book your audition.

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