Donor Stories

Gifts large and small play an important role at Central. Annual gifts made through The Pivot Club, legacy contributions and single gift donations all contribute to the accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff, and academic programmes, and every gift has a story.

We hope you enjoy hearing from some of our donors who have chosen to share their reasons for giving:

In 2010, it became quite clear that, given the changes in government funding, it would be of great help if alumni were able to lend their support to talented students in financial need. Different ways to donate were suggested by Central at the time. Although being quite happy to do as suggested, I felt I would rather aim for something on a more permanent basis and still be able to enjoy the result. Since then, I have decided to donate an annual amount to the School over the next 15 years.

Although I was afraid that my donation might be just a drop in the ocean, I have already been proved wrong. Over the past two years, my contributions have already assisted at least one promising student with that little extra support that he needed, enabling him to finish what he set out to do – to make the best possible start in our profession.

Donating to Central makes me reminisce about the great time I had there, which formed the start to a wonderful career. At the same time it is thrilling to play a role in the development of future talent. No doubt a ‘win-win’ situation. So please do join me and let us help the next generation of industry professionals!

Pieter Hofman, Alumnus, Stage Management 1967, Pivot Club Member

I have become a Pivot because I had a front row seat witnessing what Central students achieve. For almost five years I managed Alumni Relations at Central and it gave me the opportunity to get to know hundreds of alumni, young and old, across all disciplines. I grew to admire and respect so many and what they were giving to all of us. The world of performance works in many and often deeper levels; it entertains and uplifts, it can help us analyse our own situations, it makes us  think, it can inspire, it can heal and it can reach where politics cannot, to challenge and to change.

What is so important about Central it that it achieves much more than producing some of the world’s finest actors and the technical artists that make performance possible. The applied theatre alumni have shown me that they have a real (and sometimes life-changing) impact in schools, youth groups, places of social deprivation, prisons, hospitals and abroad in places of poverty or trauma. It seems to me that all this matters very much and I believe the world would be worse off if it could not happen. For this reason I have become a member of the Pivot Club.

Caroline Clark, Pivot Club Member