Central in collaboration with Abbott Nutrition presents ‘Making An Impact’

Ahead of Abbott Nutrition’s annual conference their senior managers attended a full-day’s training in ‘Impact & Influence’. Central designed a training experience that would provide a secure environment for participants to rehearse and increase the impact of their communication style. Working on prepared presentations (ahead of a product launch); we workshopped individuals, their approach and content to ensure maximum impact and engagement at the launch of the new product.

Objectives included:

  • Increasing awareness of individual impact & communication style
  • Understanding fundamentals of influence & rapport
  • Exploring specific communication styles to make a positive lasting impression
  • Exploring how the use of archetypes can help you to exude diverse qualities and give added status and confidence
  • Incorporating performance techniques to increase impact of presentation style
  • Using persuasive rhetorical elements for driving home a strong message
  • Receiving professional individual feedback for personal development.

The Feedback

This isn’t just a presentation course, it covers numerous elements that help with impact & engagement


It has been fantastic, enjoyable and something I would like more of


A perfect escape from the corporate day today; to better understand one’s self and improve communication technique


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