Accommodation: How it Works

Central's Student Advice Service have put together a step-by-step guide to help you organise your accommodation.

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Finding Accommodation: Step by Step​

Looking for somewhere to live as a student can at times prove difficult and stressful, particularly if you do not know where to start. Planning ahead and understanding what options you have as a University of London, Central student can help make your decisions much easier.

Following the COVID-19 Outbreak, the SAS Team have been supporting current students with accommodation matters, monitoring government policy, noting reopening of Letting Agent Offices/recommencement of in-person viewings (at a social distance) and taking advice from colleagues at the University of London’s Housing Services. To see the latest advice about how to organise your accommodation search, please see our Accommodation Advice: COVID 19 Update document.

We have created 6 steps which will hopefully make your search for somewhere to live an enjoyable experience. Good luck!

Step 1- Download the Accommodation Guide!

​Our Accommodation Guide 2020/21 will give you a better idea of what accommodation options are available to you whilst studying in London, at Central. The Guide includes information on:

Step 2 - ​Join the Online Accommodation Platforms!

​The SAS has create the following pages:

We would also advise that you visit the University of London's Flatmate Finder group

If you do not use Facebook and would like to find a property or are looking for flatmates, please email the SAS and the team will discuss how you can reach out to students looking for accommodation.

Step 3 - Budget. Budget. Budget.

Before choosing what type of accommodation you want, it is important that you understand what your budget will be. This is often a determining factor for students.

Remember that rent in London is high. The closer you are to Zone 1 (City Centre), the more expensive it will be.

The London rents map​ will give you an idea of London rental prices according to postcode.

When putting together your budget, make sure you remember to include transport and food costs.

Step 4 - Explore your opt​ions!​

​Make sure that you have thoroughly explored all your options before deciding on the type of accommodation that is right for you.

Below is a reminder of the options available:

Step 5 - Viewing the Property

We encourage all students to visit the property they may potentially move into. Whether it is halls, a house with other students or a house share with another family, it is important that you view the property beforehand so you are confident in the choice you are making.

For more information on what to look for when viewing a property, download the Housing Checklist (right column).

We would also suggest you view a property in company of others so that you feel safer (if you prefer not to go alone) and maybe even to get a second opinion!

​​​Step 6 - Sealing the Deal!

Before agreeing to anything, make sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions that are being put forward. Letting agencies, landlords and halls will give you a formal housing contract, if you do not understand what is written or would like to have it checked, you are entitled to do so.

If you would like your contract checked, please use The University of London's Contract Checking Service.

Or you can download our Contract Checking Information sheet.

If you have opted for Homestay, we strongly suggest you receive something written from the landlord detailing important factors such as the rent amount, rent repayment date and the dates of your stay.

Finally, if a landlord, agent or an organisation promise you any repairs, make sure you get it in writing!


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