I.T. Department & Helpdesk

The IT Department provides a large array of tools and services to all students for the duration of their studies.

Computer Room

An overview of services offered by the I.T. Department and Helpdesk is below:

User Accounts

Each student is issued with a CSSD computer account. This account enables the student to have access to at least four computer rooms (depending on your course, you may have access to other specialised computer labs).

CSSD Email and Webmail

For the duration of the course (plus one year after graduation), the School will provide each student with an email account. This account will be the only point of contact between the school and the student.

The IT Helpdesk will provide support in integrating this email account onto a private mobile device (tablet, phone, laptop etc.) if the student so chooses. Email is also accessible online via Webmail.

Wireless Network

The school has an extensive wireless network that empowers the students to use their own devices in an effort to support their studies.


A large number of printing facilities are available to students throughout the School. These advanced devices will allow students to print from any computer including mobile devices. Students are able to scan and photocopy. A pre-paid card will be issued to each student allowing them to gain access to this system.

Software Packages

There is a large array of software packages available. These packages are selected to empower the courses taught by the School. Depending on the course a combination of Microsoft Office,  Final Draft, Photoshop, AutoCAD, 3D Studio , Cinema 4D, ESP Vision, LightWright 5, Google SketchUp Pro, Capture Polar, Vectorworks, ProTools, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Production Premium, QLAB, Modul8, Isadora  and others will be available.

Off-Campus Access

Students can remotely access their coursework and a number of resources available within the School even when they’re not in via a specialised web portal.

Assistive Technology

IT Services provides and maintains a range of Assistive Technology software and hardware for student use.

Service Desk

The IT Department runs a helpdesk service as well as a Service Desk web portal available to all students. Students can use the Service Desk to request and receive support on a range of subjects.

IT Helpdesk

The IT Helpdesk team will endeavour to help students with a wide range of computer related problems from basic to complex ones. Students can also book appointments, for up to 20 minutes, to get one-to-one help.

The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.

John Lasseter