Practice exercises and techniques to improve the articulation and clarity of your speech.


Good articulation gives greater clarity and precision to your existing speech patterns – enabling you to convey your thoughts and ideas more effectively.

This course explores the vocal anatomy and experiments with how we form sounds using the tongue, mouth and articulators. Participants will practise exercises to release and tone your muscles of articulation so they can work precisely and freely. 

Please note this is not the same as accent softening – people can articulate clearly in any accent. If you are interested in accent softening, please contact us for a consultation.

Course Objectives

  • Discover how crisp articulation can make impact by cutting through a multitude of competing voices
  • Learn how consonants provide structure for the emotion in vowels so that you can convey authentic and compelling thoughts and feelings 
  • Discover how clearer articulation stimulates your energy and sharpens your focus 

Useful Information

  • Led by a fully qualified Voice and Communication Trainer
  • Can be delivered at your workplace or online 
  • Can be tailored for the specific needs of your team
  • Suggested group sizes are 8 participants to ensure maximum impact and individual feedback 

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