Body Language

Develop an understanding of how to use your body language to project confidence, ease and versatility.

Body Language: Owning your Space and Reading the Room

We communicate through body language more than through words.

However, we are often not fully aware of how we are processing and judging information we receive from other people’s bodies – as well as the messages we are sending with our own.

This course will enable partiticpants to investigate body language, develop an awareness of their own body language, and discover how to project confidence, ease and versatility.

Course Objectives

  • Gain awareness of your natural body language and any unhelpful habits
  • Explore how to use body language to build rapport
  • Learn how to read people and flex your own presence for any situation
  • Discover how positive changes to your body language can have an unexpectedly beneficial impact on your frame of mind 

Useful Information

  • Led by a fully qualified Voice and Communication Trainer
  • Can be delivered at your workplace or online 
  • Can be tailored for the specific needs of your team
  • Suggested group sizes are 8 participants to ensure maximum impact and individual feedback 

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