Storytelling for Business

Learn more about the fundamentals of storytelling, and develop a tool-kit of storytelling skills to motivate and inspire any audience.

Storytelling for Business

We tell each other stories to understand the world and the people around us. 

Stories also provide a powerful way to make connections with others and for people to remember and retell a meaningful message.

This course teaches you how to harness the power of storytelling and incorporate it into your working life. We will examine the recognisable patterns in stories, and how these patterns bring meaning and engagement.

Using exercises from performance training, we will practice using the classic story structure to present information, as well as exploring other common narrative structures. Strategies for ‘hooking in’ and persuading your audience will also be explored.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of storytelling and why we use them so often
  • Learn how to apply these storytelling techniques to the work environment to engage with and persuade your audience
  • Practice grabbing your audience’s attention from the outset, as well as employing different narrative structures to deliver your message effectively

Useful Information

  • Led by a fully qualified Voice and Communication Trainer
  • Can be delivered at your workplace or online 
  • Can be tailored for the specific needs of your team
  • Suggested group sizes are 8 participants to ensure maximum impact and individual feedback

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