Learning Skills Programme

The Learning Skills programme offers high quality learning development to all Central students to enhance their academic success.

Learning Skills

Learning Skills is a service offered to all Central students throughout the academic year.

As part of your studies you will be looking to develop a range of academic skills that will assist you in achieving your best at Central. This is where the Learning Skills programme comes in. We are an academic team of learning developers specialising in a range of disciplines, including research skills, academic writing, and English for academic purpose.

The Learning Skills ethos is firmly centred on strengthening the student’s independent learning identities so that you can ue the tools and learning that we offer to approach your course and assessments proactively.

The Learning Skills programme offers a range of interactive sessions under the following themes:

  • Academic Writing/ Structuring
  • Research Skills
  • Academic Learning Development for International Students
  • Returning to Study
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Organisation and Time Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Managing Academic Stress

As a student at Central you can access the following styles of learning development face to face or remotely via the Learning Skills programme. 

  • Generic one to ones 
  • Academic Staff referred specialist one to 
  • Staff booked In-Timetable sessions
  • Wellbeing referred one to ones 
  • Unaccredited Short Courses 
  • Group Sessions 
  • Dedicated provision for International Students
  • Learning Materials on BRIGHTSPACE

One Week Pre-Course for International Students

We offer a one week pre-course for international students to make the transition to studying at a UK university college easier.

You can find out more about the Learning Skills programme once you have enrolled through our various induction activities and by accessing our handbook.

Contact Us

Email: learning.skills@cssd.ac.uk
Phone: 020 7449 1624

Follow us on Twitter @CSSDLearning 

The tutor was extremely helpful in talking through the overall argument of my thesis as well as focusing specifically on the chapter at hand. We began to make a plan for the successful execution of this reworked chapter.

Very clear and informative. There was time to catch up with everything that was going on and we weren't overloaded with information either!

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