Student Transfer Procedures

You can find more information here about the process that Central employs for considering applications from students who wish to transfer to one of its higher education programmes from another institution, and about the requirements for current students wishing to transfer from the School. The procedures for transferring within Central to another programme are also set out.


Process for transferring to Central

Central may, at its discretion, recognise for academic purposes prior certified learning gained on a higher education programme at another institution within the previous five years. This recognition will give the prior learning a credit-value and permit it to be counted towards the total number of credits required for an award. 

The award of such credit can permit the student to begin part way through a programme by ensuring that the period of study they have missed (e.g. by not starting in the first year of an undergraduate programme) is accounted for in terms of credit. The minimum period of study in the School shall, however, not normally be less than two years full-time (or the part-time equivalent).

Applicants are required to, firstly, make a formal application for a programme of study (through UCAS for undergraduate programmes, or via direct postgraduate application), making it clear in their personal statement that they wish to be considered for admission with accreditation of prior certified learning. If invited for interview/audition, they should then discuss the matter with the Head of Programme/Admissions Tutor who, if they are supportive in principle, will arrange for the applicant to be sent the relevant form by Central’s Admissions Office. This should then be completed and returned with the necessary evidence:

  • verification from the previous institution of the nature/content of the current programme of study;
  • a transcript outlining all units/courses/assignments that have been completed as part of the current programme of study, and marks achieved.

Once this information has been received, the applicant will be informed of the School’s decision as soon as is practicable.

Further information about the accreditation of prior learning can be found in the School’s Handbook of Academic Regulations (Section 2).

Queries can be directed to


Process for transferring from Central to another institution

Students who are considering transferring from Central to another institution should speak in the first instance to their head of programme or personal tutor. 

The Student Advice Service will subsequently be able to offer guidance on the formal withdrawal process and about gaining certification from the School for completed units. In addition, it can provide information about the implications of transferring in terms of (if applicable) Student Finance England loan arrangements and, for those with Tier 4 visas, UK Visas and Immigration requirements.


Internal programme transfer process

Current students may be permitted to transfer between one programme and another with the approval of both Programme Leaders and the Academic Registrar, and following completion of the appropriate internal transfer form.

Internal transfer between programmes may be dependent upon the student undertaking additional units and/or assessments. Accredited Prior Learning may need to be awarded where the transfer occurs part way through the programme. The Programme Leader and Academic Registrar shall determine if any of the units undertaken on the previous programme may be included as credit towards the award and whether any units on the new programme need not be undertaken as a result. Tuition fees and the length of study may change as a result of an internal transfer between programmes.