Performing Places Bexley Blog

The Performing Places Bexley blog is curated by Adelina Ong, and set up to offer commentary and thoughts on the Performing Places Bexley project.

Image of Research News including Performing Local Places, a research project led by Professor Sally Mackey at Central

Creating ‘A Place for Everyone’ in Bexley through Performance

Where does the mental map of your favourite place begin and end? When do you edit it to account for new experiences? Applied Theatre student Laetitia Butler puts Performing Places Bexley in conversation with our sensory experiences of personal places.

Performing Places Bexley: Practicing Place Care

Since 11 May 2018, the Performing Places Bexley team has organised 20 talks and workshops and asked more than 1000 participants to ‘decode’ communications from Par Bexia. We have visited primary and secondary schools, community organisations and large-scale community events. This week, we move into an intensive week of Place activities leading up to the main event on 30 June 2018, on Bexleyheath Broadway.

A Fictional Meeting on Bexleyheath Broadway

A cold winter afternoon. Snow is thick and Bexleyheath Broadway is filled with young people who have just come out of school. This is a fictional story of an imagined meeting between two young women, passionately proud of Bexley.

The Exceeding of Design: a tiny fragment amidst the vasty deep

In the midst of the ‘vasty deep’ of this major project with countless key stakeholders, Prof. Sally Mackey reflects on the experience of tiny critical creative moments.

Performing Places Bexley: A Day at the Archives

25 January 2018: we have arranged a trip to Bexleyheath archives. On this day, 'we’ are Sally Mackey, project manager Suha Al-Khayyat, applied theatre practitioner Claire Macneill and project scribe, Adelina Ong.