Student Finance and Funding

From enabling access to student loans, scholarships and bursaries, to providing information and advice about student finance and budgeting, we are able to help you secure funding for your studies.

Alongside the information contained in this section, if you are offered a place on a course at Central, we will put you in contact with a staff member of the Admissions and Student Recruitment Office, who will guide you through the options available.

Home/EU Undergraduate Students

Most Home/EU students are not required to pay the tuition fee up front because they are eligible for a student loan to cover their tuition fee. This means that you will not have to find the money before you start your course, or whilst you are studying and your fees will be paid directly to Central. Most UK students will also be able to take out a maintenance loan to assist with living costs.

See the Government website for information on how to apply for a student loan.

Applications for student finance for the academic year 2020/21 are now open. 

It is important to ensure you qualify for a student loan before you apply.

Postgraduate Students

Central's MA and MFA courses from 2016/17 onwards are eligible for the new Postgraduate Loans from the Student Loans Company. Visit our Postgraduate Loans page for information on personal eligibility, course eligibility, payment details and repayment terms.

Postgraduate students are expected to have funding in place for both fees and living costs before embarking on their course. Depending on personal circumstances, as a rough estimate, you will need between £12,000 and £20,000 per year over and above your course fees to maintain and accommodate yourself.

Doctoral Students

Central's Doctoral courses from 2018/19 onwards are eligible for the new Doctoral Loan from the Student Loans Company. Visit our Doctoral Loans page for more information.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

Central is committed to remaining open to all potential students regardless of their background or income. Accordingly, we will continue to increase investment in scholarships, bursaries, and awards designed to increase access for students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds and build upon our existing success in retaining students and helping them to achieve their full potential.

Full details of the range of scholarships, bursaries and awards available to Central students.

Federal Student Aid

U.S. students (undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral) can apply for Student Loans from the US Department of Education.

Applications are accepted from 1st June 2020. Visit our Federal Student Aid section for more information.


Managing your finances is important whilst studying and Central staff can provide budgetary assistance. UCAS have provided an online budget calculator, which is a useful tool for new and current students.